Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You've created a Monster!

If you're gonna be a Bear, be a Grizzly.
I think that's what Bill "Junior" Parkman of the Chopaderos BC had in mind when he envisioned this beast. Junior reached out to fellow club member; Gary of Lowlife Bikes to fabricate a custom frame to hang these huge 36" Coker rollers from. Once the frame was complete, it was covered in heavy metal-flake for more bling (as if the wheels didn't make enough of a statement) The photos don't do this bike justice. You have to park your cruiser in this monsters shadow to really understand its massiveness. It makes your cruiser look like it should have training wheels...

Of course it's for sale, I'm glad you asked... $1400 or best offer.
Can't wait to see what Junior cranks out after this build is gone. Til' then...

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